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Privacy Policy

We take your your privacy very seriously,  and work above and beyond legal and business standards.
We use what you need for ordering and don’t use any more, or divulge anything:

  • we don’t keep information beyond its need (typically 1 year for direct emails, 1 month for sales orders in 3rd-party software, and for ‘life’ on major sales channels such as Amazon / eBay, who set their own times)
  • we shred paperwork and addresses (and recycle them)
  • we do not pass anything on to outside companies
  • we use automated rules in software for rewards, feedback etc…
  • we will pass emails & phone numbers given to couriers / Royal Mail

On this site, we watch general patterns and log activity, ie which products get most views / sales etc… Otherwise we don’t track you, except in cases where security may be breached – by accessing private / secure / administration files, making broken requests, flooding the site or other industry-standard bad behaviours.

We don’t want to be too specific, but shoppers will not be affected.