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Celebrating 250 years of Schott, 25% off RRP!

Celebrating 250 years of Schott music media: Happy Birthday Schott!

Schott Cello, Trumpet, Bassoon, Flute, Guitar, Oboe, Recorder & Piano titles

For those of you who happen to know the publisher codes, that’s codes beginning BSS…, CB…, COR…, ED…, FAG…, FTR…, GA…, KBB…, KLB…, OBB…, OFB…, SF…, SJ…, TR…, VAB… & VLB…

We are committed to;

  • 25% off RRP
  • Pre-applied discount (no coupon codes)
  • Including free UK P&P
  • Other discounts also available
Use code ex01 for 10% off your first purchase

What a fantastic body of work!

We have found it’s easier to buy without using coupon codes, so the items have been automatically placed on sale, and our technical department is working working hard to make sure the full available range gets included (amid a flurry of coffee and doughnuts!)

Offer running from: 02nd November 2020

Offer running until: 18th December 2020

Just in time for Christmas!

In all senses, we think you can’t say fairer than that!

This promotion is in direct conjunction with Schott, to celebrate 250 years of the best music available in print. Our technical department would personally like to point out that the timeline is absolutely marvellous, and well worth a look: Just remember English is an available language on the top right of the page (unless you are fluent in German).

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