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Website updates

Now that we have website loading times down to ~1s we expect to expand the catalogue again.

TLDR; Sorry for disruption during the website upheavals – there are more details below. Given the new tech, and GDPR rules regarding data, we ask that existing customers start from scratch: We have reset website old customer data and history for security purposes.

  • orders do not need logins
  • coupons do not require logins
  • newletters are separated from accounts
  • login is as simple as ticking a box when ordering
  • logins will retain order history

If you are interested (and again, apologies) here is an overview why the site keeps changing:

  • We updated our older-tech system to handle correctly maintaining it’s own images (an intensive job)
  • The server completely failed immediately after
  • We rushed the move to our new hosts, and new system, being developed in the background
  • The new host system has certain foibles too, despite being one of the biggest names on the internet… hence image flickers, caching issues, complete theme & layout replacements, DNS failures and firewall blockages to name the biggest teething issues

The tech is stable so we expect a nice, slick shopping experience.

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